About us

This blog was started by a group of literary translators – Federica Aceto, Chiara Marmugi e Anna Mioni, alter joined by Andreina Lombardi Bom – on the 23rd of January 2014 in order to collect information on payments received regularly (or not) by all those working in publishing. Writers, translators, proofreaders and copy editors are all invited to exchange data and information, because it is in everyone’s interest to identify the publishers who are worth working for.

This is only the first step. Right now we are interested in creating a solid network of professionals and gathering data on those publishers who pay regularly and on time (with a 30-day approximation after the contract date). It’s a rebus, very easy to solve for those who work in publishing. To the others we require a small effort to understand subtleties, but the key to solving the mystery is pretty easy to find. Obviously, it would be easier to list directly the names of those publishers who do not pay regularly or do not fulfill the terms of a contract. We’ll probably do that in a second phase, once we solve some legal issues.

For now, we ask you to read between the lines and to get in touch via “Contatti”, contacts, writing your profession, publishers you have worked for, regularity in payments, delays,etc. We remind you that not all the publishers that you don’t see in the data visualization on the right are defaulting; in some cases it is simply that none of the translators, writers or copy editors have recently worked with them. And not all the publishers listed here abide by contracts with every single freelance they work with. Last but not least: not all the publishers who are solvent pay a fair wage (and many people accept a non-adequate fee, but this is a huge problem that should be tackled seriously elsewhere).

On a closing note: a publishing house that pays on time is not virtuous, it is simply doing its job.



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